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xsl Examples
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Examples from Chapter 17 of The XML Bible, 2nd Edition: XSL ...
Examples from Chapter 17 of The XML Bible, 2nd Edition: XSL Transformations. ... Listing
17-5: An XSLT style sheet that recursively processes the children of the ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 81  Category: Example    

Tools That Work. XSLT Code Examples. Austin Powers. PowerDynamo
Type: XSL  #Views: 123  Category: Example    

Using XSLT with PHP -
In order to see the power that XSLT has in your PHP applications,
I feel it is best to demonstrate this ability by way of examples.
Type: XSL  #Views: 74  Category: Example    

Examples from Chapter 8, XML on the Web
Chapter 8 Examples. Example 8-1: An XML document describing two people;
Example 8-2: A minimal XSLT stylesheet; Example 8-3: people ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 79  Category: Example    

Module 10 Examples: XML
- Simple XML version of the Pubs database -
Type: XSL  #Views: 98  Category: Example    

XSLT Code Example: Simple example of listing nodes
This is one of the simplest examples there are of simply listing nodes from an xml file, a common task. Notice that the xsl:apply-templates line is optional. Also notice that you could add a simple xsl:sort element inside the for-each to sort the listing. You could also add an xsl:number to number the listing.
Type: XSL  #Views: 122  Category: Example    

XSLT and XPATH: A Guide to XML Transformations :: $31.49 at ...
... time! CD-ROM INCLUDED. Contains leading XSLT processor software plus
all XSLT/XPath examples from the book. Author Biographies. JOHN ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 93  Category: Example    

RCL - XML Web Examples
Offer the power and flexibility of the Web to your Suppliers, Customers and distributed workforce by creating processes that use XML data generated from your AccountView backoffice system and formatted with XSLT (transformation stylesheets).
Type: XSL  #Views: 92  Category: Example    

XML Path Language (XPath)
Resin can use XPath, the XML Path Language, to select nodes from an XML tree. Scripts can select all 'table' children, or even all 'table' elements in an entire HTML file. The XPath language is exceptionally rich. It can describe an incredible number of node selections.
Type: XSL  #Views: 95  Category: Example    

XSLT Code Example: Example of xsl:for-next
This code shows a simple but useful example of the for-next element and examples of how to count nodes in an xml file.
Type: XSL  #Views: 101  Category: Example    

XML::XSLT - A perl module for processing XSLT
This module implements the W3C's XSLT specification. The goal is full implementation of this spec, but we have not yet achieved that. However, it already works well. See XML::XSLT Commands for the current status of each command.
Type: XSL  #Views: 90  Category: Example    

DSO Book Review: Cooking with XSLT
In XSLT Cookbook, Sal Mangano has three goals: to show that Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations are relevant to a wide range of problems, to provide a one-stop shop for the most commonly requested XSLT techniques, and to push the envelope of how to use XSLT.
Type: XSL  #Views: 83  Category: Example    

XSLT Code Example: How to use XSL:COPY to pass parameters on
For a long time I was creating stylesheets which rebuilt every HTML element which I needed to generate, e.g. if I wanted a user to be able to use the BOLD and ITALIC elements, then I wrote code to handle both of them. This become tiresome with the ANCHOR element for instance as you have to write code to pass on each parameter. This code, however, shows you how to pass on elements automatically. Notice, however, that doing this opens up a bit of a security issue. Be careful which tags you pass on. Some of them, e.g. the ANCHOR tag, you still may want to process manually.
Type: XSL  #Views: 122  Category: Example    

XSLT Code Example: XSL stylesheet that turns XML tags into mouse ...
This XSL stylesheet allows you to create XML text with vocabulary words in it which the user can move is mouse over to get the definition.
Type: XSL  #Views: 100  Category: Example    

XSLT What is the difference between <xsl:include> and <xsl:import> ...
What is the difference between
<xsl:include> and <xsl:import>? They are the same except ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 108  Category: Example    

TECFA's XSL Page (17-Jan-2000)
XSL is two languages of the XML framework: XSL/FO is for formatting (as more powerful alternative to CSS). XSLT is for transformations.
Type: XSL  #Views: 75  Category: Example    

Evitech: XSLT exercises
Create these two files (below), replacing the data with your own. Examine the syntax and view the file in Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7.0. Always check that the code is free of errors (I may accidentally leave typos in my examples, sorry..), the quotes are straight, etc.
Type: XSL  #Views: 107  Category: Example    

Examples from Chapter 20, XSLT Reference
Chapter 20 Examples. There are no long examples in this chapter. [
| Previous Chapter | Next Chapter | Examples from Other Chapters ...
Type: XSL  #Views: 78  Category: Example    

XSLT Examples
XSLT Examples. 1) Converting XML to HTML - XML source - XSLT source. 2)Matching parent-child
elements - XML source - XSLT source.
Type: XSL  #Views: 123  Category: Example    

XML Examples Package*
The examples in this package illustrate how to generate and parse XML data using SAX and DOM parsers. All the examples use the Java API for XML Parsing (JAXP) to access the particular SAX or DOM parser rather than accessing the parsers directly. Detailed instructions for building and running each example are included on the individual example pages.
Type: XSL  #Views: 106  Category: Example    

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