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Files Library: Free Software Downloads & Free Press Releases
Files Library: Free Software Downloads & Free Press Releases

Type: WebService  #Views: 403  Category: Resource    

A Visual Approach to Designing Web Services
Do you have a gameplan for implementing reliable Web services? The chain of programming languages, industry standards, and diverse technologies involved in creating an end-to-end Web service can be intimidating – even to skilled and experienced professionals. However, the complementary features of Altova XMLSpy and MapForce automate many of the otherwise complex steps in Web services development so you can concentrate on business rules and logic instead of becoming mired in source code or the arcane implementation details of the infrastructure. To learn more, visit the Altova Solutions Center at: where you'll find specific business scenarios, real-world case studies, technical guidance, video demonstrations, white papers, free online training classes, and a recommended gameplan for Web services success.

Type: WebService  #Views: 533  Category: Resource    

DotNetSlackers: ASP.NET news for Lazy developers
Your source to get the latest news from well known community and blog sites. Use the email service to get these news directly into your inbox or use the web service to publish the news on your website.

Type: WebService  #Views: 411  Category: Resource    

Learn how to Invoke Web Services
This video demonstration shows how to search UDDI registries, locate WSDL files, invoke Web service methods using SOAP, and then save the Web service call for use in XML data mapping projects in Stylus Studio.

Type: WebService  #Views: 322  Category: Resource    

W3C Publishes Three Initial Working Drafts for Web Services Addressing
The W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group has released its first three Working Drafts for the Web Services Addressing specification, which provides transport-neutral mechanisms to address Web services and messages.

Type: WebService  #Views: 414  Category: Resource    

Are Web Services receding?
A lot of postings I've seen in the last week follow nicely on a "Web Services War Stories" session I saw at Foo Camp, suggesting that Web Services, while still important for some groups of developers, may have lost their broader promise.

Type: WebService  #Views: 432  Category: Resource Releases Several Enhancements To Its XML/SOAP Based Shopping Cart Web Service announced today the release of numerous enhancements to its XWebCheckOut web service. XWebCheckOut is an XML/SOAP based web service which provides integration and management of the standard e-commerce shopping cart checkout process (Basket -> Shipping -> Billing -> Credit Card -> Receipt) to client applications.

Type: WebService  #Views: 319  Category: Resource    

Entrust and Vordel to Deliver a Comprehensive Security Solution to Accelerate Web Services Deploymen
Vordel, the XML security company, and Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTU), a world-leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions, announced today that a major global distribution agreement has been signed that licenses Entrust to resell and support Vordel products worldwide. Incorporating VordelSecure, the XML gateway, and VordelDirector, the XML security server, into the Entrust(R) Secure Identity Management Solution portfolio will help enable Entrust to expand a single, high-performance and scalable solution that secures both Web site and Web service access to its enterprise customers.

Type: WebService  #Views: 336  Category: Resource    

Aradyme Unveils New Web Service for Connecting Voter Registration Systems
New service enables municipalities such as counties to integrate voter registration systems with state voter registration systems yet maintain autonomy of systems; allows states to maintain central repository of registered voters for federal elections while ensuring greater buy-in from constituent municipalities.

Type: WebService  #Views: 328  Category: Resource    

Web Services Security: Trouble in Transit
A transport company's trucks are scheduled for bogus pickups. A financial services firm's investment data is given away for free. A health insurance provider's private patient data is exposed. These are the disastrous situations that can occur when Web services data is nefariously snatched midstream.

Type: WebService  #Views: 532  Category: Resource    

OASIS Web Services Security TC Prepares Additional WSS Profiles
Members of the OASIS Web Services Security Technical Committee are completing new work in the form of WSS profile specifications. The five profiles under development and review will complement the documents published as WSS 1.0 in April 2004.

Type: WebService  #Views: 583  Category: Resource    

WS-Addressing Specification Presented to W3C as a Member Submission
The Web Services Addressing (WS-Addressing) specification has been presented to W3C as a Member Submission by BEA, IBM, Microsoft, SAP AG, and Sun Microsystems.

Type: WebService  #Views: 387  Category: Resource    

Microsoft Continues Commitment to XML Web Services With New SharePoint Products and Technologies Too
As part of Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq: MSFT) ongoing commitment to enterprise application interoperability, customers and system integrators today can begin taking advantage of two new Web Part toolkits and a Web services toolkit for Microsoft(R) SharePoint(R) Products and Technologies that enable them to connect systems from multiple vendors using XML Web services standards.

Type: WebService  #Views: 1189  Category: Resource    

Free CRM Reaches 6,000 Subscribed Companies and Adds XML Web Services, the world's only completely free, multi-user, on-demand CRM software solution for small and medium-sized businesses, has surpassed 6,000 corporate subscriptions and almost 20,000 users as of August 1st. After only 9 months of operation, is poised to become the largest on-demand CRM software service providers, bringing free CRM software to small businesses everywhere.

Type: WebService  #Views: 675  Category: Resource    

Auto Industry Seeks To Improve Web Services
A project being undertaken by leading members of the auto industry next month could facilitate the convergence of much-needed capabilities found in the ebXML transaction standard into the three most widely accepted Web-services specifications.

Type: WebService  #Views: 254  Category: Resource    

Firms release latest security products for web services
Reactivity and RSA Security have launched new products to protect web apps - something they hope will encourage companies to invest in software-as-a-service projects.

Type: WebService  #Views: 278  Category: Resource    

You cannot automatically submit structured XML data to a Web service in InfoPath 2003
This article describes how InfoPath submits data to a Web service and two methods for submitting the contents of an InfoPath form to a Web service.

Type: WebService  #Views: 345  Category: Resource    

RSA, Reactivity Tighten Web Services Security
As Web services continue to become an integral part of enterprise Web strategies, IT managers are increasingly looking for ways to lock them down.

Type: WebService  #Views: 228  Category: Resource    

Microsoft Responds to Sun’s Web Service Benchmarks
In a paper published last month, Sun claimed that Java based web services outperform .NET based web services both in throughput and response times. Microsoft has released a paper on TheServerSide.NET responding to those claims stating that Sun’s representation of the .NET performance was understated by 2 to 3 times and that in many, but not all cases, .NET exceeded the Java benchmarks.

Type: WebService  #Views: 254  Category: Resource    

IP Australia automates with Web services
Australia’s intellectual property governing body, IP Australia, has embarked on a world-leading Web services project that will enable electronic patent lodgement to reduce the amount of manual processing required.

Type: WebService  #Views: 326  Category: Resource    

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