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QUALCOMM Launches Developer Extract XML Report for BREW(R) Solution
QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today unveiled its Developer Extract XML report for the BREW solution. The report provides BREW developers access to important application usage information and may be used for business intelligence reporting and financial reconciliation. The Developer Extract XML will be provided as an XML file and in addition to the information provided in the application usage report, will include information such as mediated usage transactions for applications, extensions and value billing, related to a specific developer.

Type: XML  #Views: 214  Category: Resource    

Reactivity XML Firewall
The Reactivity XML Firewalls are hardened named proxy appliances that intercept and examine Web Service traffic (XML messages, including the source, headers, and content) and perform a variety of administrator designated operations on them, including authenticating the sender of the message, authorizing the message activity itself, and scanning for/protecting against malicious payloads and/or XML-based DoS attacks. The appliance is typically deployed in the DMZ acting as a connection point and proxy for XML Web services, allowing Web service developers to offload security processing from their applications and administrators to centralize the management of Web service security policies.

Type: XML  #Views: 194  Category: Resource    

XML Work Group, May 18 meeting
Last Tuesday, I went to the monthly meeting of the Federal XML Work Group. This is a small part of the effort to establish a single federal enterprise IT architecture standard. From the website: Extensible Markup Language (XML) embodies the potential to alleviate many of the interoperability problems associated with the sharing of documents and data. Realizing the potential requires cooperation not only within but also across organizations. Our purpose is to facilitate the efficient and effective use of XML through cooperative efforts among government agencies, including partnerships with commercial and industrial organizations. Contributions are welcome and encouraged!

Type: XML  #Views: 194  Category: Resource    

Adobe Extends Its Intelligent Document Platform with New Server Software
Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced it has extended the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform with new software that delivers document services technologies to help organizations automate business processes. The new server software, named Adobe(R) LiveCycle(TM), delivers document services to integrate manual processes into enterprise applications. Now, customers can address business critical issues such as improving customer communications, increasing internal operational efficiencies, and helping them meet compliance mandates. The Adobe Intelligent Document Platform helps customers address the entire document lifecycle in the enterprise. The platform consists of three components: The intelligent document, document services and the universal client. Intelligent documents combine the power of XML and business logic with PDF to move data to and from back-end systems using document services from Adobe.

Type: XML  #Views: 209  Category: Resource    

Blue Titan Software Introduces Industry's First Native SOA Data Store; Data Director Handles Onslaug
Blue Titan Software today announced Blue Titan Data Director(TM), the industry's first native SOA data store. The product is designed to give enterprise architects a way to handle elegantly the onslaught of distributed data coming from the proliferation of service-based applications, such as portals, business process management and mobile applications. Today, SOA-driven data is typically stored using XML databases, relational databases and file systems. These methods are ill equipped for the transient, streaming-based nature of SOA data. Without a native SOA data store, these real-time information streams are difficult to access and cost-prohibitive to store and replicate.

Type: XML  #Views: 194  Category: Resource    

DataPower's Version 3.0 Delivers the Most Mature Solution For Securing XML Web Services
DataPower, the original creator and leading provider of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN) infrastructure, announced today the availability of firmware release 3.0 for its XML-aware networking hardware: DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway(TM) and DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator(TM). Informed by DataPower's years of experience with mission-critical XML deployments, the latest version of the award-winning products is another milestone in DataPower's "Managing Operational Complexity of Real-World XML Web Services" strategy.

Type: XML  #Views: 251  Category: Resource    

Ten guidelines for deploying secure XML Web services
The rise of internetworking was enabled by the use of network-level security technologies such as Secure Sockets Layer, IPsec and firewall filtering to create a secure perimeter around an enterprise network. Today, as companies cut costs and drive revenues by securely sharing applications with internal business units, external partners and customers, the secure perimeter has become permeable This shift to the server-to-server access needed for true application sharing is enabled by new XML Web services technologies.

Type: XML  #Views: 161  Category: Resource    

Dialog Adds XML Output, New Post-Processing Tools & Electronic Linking to DialogLink(R)
Dialog, a pioneer in developing the technology behind electronic information retrieval, is the world leader in providing online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law. The company serves more than 25,000 business, professional and government organizations in more than 100 countries. Dialog is a Thomson business (

Type: XML  #Views: 212  Category: Resource    

DataPower releases version 3.0 of firmware
Network appliance maker DataPower Technology's latest release of its Firmware software will add support for web services development environments, including IBM's WebSphere and the IBM-backed open source Eclipse Foundation's integrated development environments (IDEs). Version 3.0, used by its XS40 XML Security Gateway and XA35 XML Accelerator appliances, will make it easier to integrate DataPower's technology with web services environments developed using WebSphere or Eclipse. Other features will simplify configuration and management of the devices.

Type: XML  #Views: 249  Category: Resource    

XML gets down to business
XML is perhaps one of the Internet's greatest unrecognised success stories. The first draft of the XML standard dates back only to 1996, and was born out of an attempt to marry the simplicity of HTML with the power of Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML). It has rapidly moved centre-stage, to the point where most of the initiatives in the W3C A to Z list on its home page are based around XML - even HTML has been re-cast as XHTML.

Type: XML  #Views: 152  Category: Resource    

ConceptDraw Updated With Improved XML Support
Computer Systems Odessa Corp. has released and update for ConceptDraw, bringing it to version 5.2. ConceptDraw is a cross-platform diagramming app designed for use by IT and technical professionals. The update features improved XML support and fixes known bug issues.

Type: XML  #Views: 170  Category: Resource    

DialogLink Updated with XML Output and Secure Access
Dialog quietly released an upgraded version of its professional search tool, DialogLink, to its customers in late May 2004. DialogLink 4.0 incorporates several new features and enhancements, including secure access (HTTPS), enhanced output options via new commands, Dialog eLinks, and improved reporting features with Microsoft Office.

Type: XML  #Views: 184  Category: Resource    

I've Learned HTML, What's Next?
In the Web Design forum, Barmisdele asks the question that is often on the minds of the new Web Developer "I've learned HTML, now what?"

Type: XML  #Views: 172  Category: Resource    

A Context for XML Complexity?
Don writes that XML in its entirety had become more complex than COM ever was. I disagree with this statement on its face. I agree that there is a huge family of specifications surrounding XML, but each specification is just built upon the XML foundation. If the intent of the post intends to point out that XML eclipses COM for complexity by sheer volume of implementations, then consider the lack of a standards body for COM implementations. If there were such a thing, maybe it can be represented by opening a new Visual Basic 6 project on a default installation of Windows XP and going to the Add References tab.

Type: XML  #Views: 195  Category: Resource    

XML Data Islands in Mozilla
No, Mozilla does not natively support Data Islands, but you can mimic data islands in Mozilla using a little bit of script.

Type: XML  #Views: 325  Category: Resource    

XML Is Evil
If you strip away the rants from Ted’s post and get to the core, he is basically saying that when you use XML, it forces the developer to impose a hierarchy to the data, which may or may not be the true structure of the data. In that regard, Ted is entirely correct. Over use of XML is just as bad as under use. We had the exact same problem in the 80’s and 90’s with relational databases (which still linger today). Everything was forced to fit into a relational model, even if it wasn’t relational in nature. (See DaveM's great lookup table debate - 4 Developers and a DBA or “Just a Couple Tables“)

Type: XML  #Views: 191  Category: Resource    

Farewell XMLhack
Big thanks to Micah Dubinko, Uche Ogbuji, Eric van der Vlist, Simon St.Laurent, Edd Dumbill, and the others who made XMLhack such a great resource over the last five years. I don't think I remember reading the very first XMLhack item when Edd originally posted it, but somewhere between that and the first one I ended up posting (geez, it's been more than three years ago now...), I became a devotee -- and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to contribute to it.

Type: XML  #Views: 179  Category: Resource    

XML, the New Database Heresy
C.J. Date, one of the most influential names in the relational database world, had some harsh words about XML's encroachment into the world of relational databases in a recent article entitled Date defends relational model that appeared on Key parts of the article are excerpted below

Type: XML  #Views: 182  Category: Resource    

Do your homework on XML feeds to search engines, experts warn
One way to assure that web pages get included in Overture and other search engines is to use XML to feed pages to them. But to assure good placement in search results, marketers still need to assure that their web pages have a lot of relevant content and links from other related web sites, warns Heather Lloyd-Martin, president and CEO of search marketing consultants SuccessWorks.

Type: XML  #Views: 185  Category: Resource    

At BEA eWorld: BEA's SOA vision: 'Liquid Computing'
BEA Systems' chief exec Alfred Chuang kicked off the ninth annual eWorld user conference in San Francisco this week by officially rolling out his company's Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy, which is based on BEA's vision of a "fluid enterprise" enabled by a set of products and services collectively dubbed "Liquid Computing."

Type: XML  #Views: 200  Category: Resource    

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