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Collaboration Tools, Views and Yukon's XML Support
"We are the Borg" - this is one of the biggest promises of the 'net, and proliferation of computers. A shared knowledge set that you can put to work on issues that arise. That knowledge set is tough to mine today, but people are starting to succeed, and tools are starting to evolve as well. With bigger systems, networked systems and yes, even grid-based systems, the infrastructure is coming around - now it's time for applications and solutions vendors to pick up the pace. 7-Eleven is doing this with their systems, and there was a good case study on their approach in Information Week.

Type: XML  #Views: 220  Category: Resource    

ASC X12 Members Approve New CICA Standard, Enabling XML Business Message Development
During the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 June Trimester Meeting held in Chicago, June 6-11, 2004, it was announced that the ballot of X12.7 was ratified by ninety-seven percent of the membership, making Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA) and XML Syntax Representation the newest member of the ASC X12 standard.

Type: XML  #Views: 219  Category: Resource    

Performant XML (IV): in-memory XML Schema validation without re-parsing
I may have not stressed enough one of the most important features enabled by the XPathNavigatorReader: in-memory (without reparsing) XML Schema validation of arbitrary sources exposed as XPathNavigator.

Type: XML  #Views: 242  Category: Resource    

Extending XMLMap: XML for Presentation Purposes
In this installment we will extend our XMLMap with XML standards for documents, particularly those concerned with presenting information to users. While the main difference between XML and HTML is that XML contains no presentation information, one of the first applications of XML was in the presentation field: Reformulating HTML in XML as XHTML.

Type: XML  #Views: 220  Category: Resource    

Yet another Java XML API: xmlpull
XML processing is moving into the non-PC space, with PDAs and mobile phones acting as Web service clients and synchronizing their content with desktops via SyncML. Conserving heap and stack memory is a key requirement in this environment. With xmlpull, a new API has been devised for parsing XML.

Type: XML  #Views: 221  Category: Resource    

XML Features of Oracle 8i and 9i
XML and relational databases are both technologies for structuring, cataloguing and processing data. If data has a regular and atomic structure, it is more appropriate and efficient to use a database than XML. In this case, why would you wish to go to the trouble of converting such data from a database into XML and vice versa?

Type: XML  #Views: 176  Category: Resource    

Efficient subtree transformation with SubtreeXPathNavigator
Daniel implemented SubtreeXPathNavigator I was talking about. That's a way cool stuff, I really like it. Now I'm not sure about XmlNodeNavigator - do we need it in Mvp.Xml library or we better remove it to not confuse users with different forms of the same navigator?

Type: XML  #Views: 199  Category: Resource    

What Would You Like To See in System.Xml in Orcas/Longhorn?
I'm in the end stages of doing the spec work for the various components in the System.Xml namespace I am responsible for in the Whidbey betas. After the 4th of July holidays we plan to start doing initial brain storming for what feature work we should do in Orcas/Longhorn. I thought it would be valuable to have various users of XML in the .NET Framework suggest what they'd like us to do in the Orcas version of System.Xml. What changes would people like to see? For example, I'm putting Schematron and XPathReader on the 'nice to have' list. No idea is too unconventional since this is the early brainstorming and prototyping phase.

Type: XML  #Views: 197  Category: Resource    

XFormity to merge with XML-Global
Dallas-based software architecture and engineering company XFormity Inc. will merge with XML-Global Technologies Inc., X-Formity said Thursday.

Type: XML  #Views: 214  Category: Resource    

IE XML Data Island Functionality in NS6+ Browsers
In this article we'll take a closer look at 3 different approaches that you can incorporate to import/embed XML in your HTML pages.

Type: XML  #Views: 175  Category: Resource    

IPTC Collaborates with Adobe to Integrate XMP into Image Metadata Specifications
Adobe Systems and the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) have announced a collaborative effort to extend the capabilities of IPTC metadata through use of Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP).

Type: XML  #Views: 283  Category: Resource    

Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML
Everything you need to know about XML 1.1 can be summed up in two rules.

Type: XML  #Views: 160  Category: Resource    

Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML
XML documents are just too rich in syntax sugar to be processed by anything short of a full-blown XML parser. I've seen many hackish systems held together by string and bailing wire based on regular expressions, grep, sed, raw stream processing, and other tools. These are extremely brittle and rarely able to handle the full panoply of documents they encounter.

Type: XML  #Views: 209  Category: Resource    

DataPower Certified 'Tivoli Ready'; Integrates Its Award-Winning XML Security Gateway with IBM Tivol
DataPower, the creator and worldwide leading provider of intelligent XML-aware Networking (XAN) infrastructure, announced today that it has extended its existing relationship with IBM by integrating DataPower's award-winning XS40 XML Security Gateway with the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-Business solution. (See previous announcement, "DataPower Enhances XML Web Services Security and Performance for WebSphere MQ Series," September 16, 2003.) This integrated DataPower-IBM solution has been certified Tivoli Ready(TM) by IBM and enables customers to manage Web services access control policies in Tivoli Access Manager while using the XS40 as a central policy enforcement point for XML Web services.

Type: XML  #Views: 196  Category: Resource    

Performant XML (IV): subtree transformations without re-parsing
In a previous post I showed how to load and transform subsets of a document with the XPathNavigatorReader. In the example I used, which follows the MSDN documentation one (under the section "Transforming a Section of an XML Document"), XML parsing is happening once, but in-memory document building is happening for each subtree being transformed, effectively loading those fragments in memory twice.

Type: XML  #Views: 231  Category: Resource    

XML routers turbocharge Web services
Although development around XML and Web services continues to be primarily a software story, hardware, specifically the XML router, has a key role to play, according to Girish Juneja, co-founder of Sarvega Inc., Chicago.

Type: XML  #Views: 238  Category: Resource    

BAM goes XML
Business intelligence (BI) must be real-time as well as right time, and that means business activity monitoring (BAM) and business process monitoring (BPM) need XML, according to Anant Jhingran, IBM's director of business intelligence.

Type: XML  #Views: 218  Category: Resource    

Popkin moves on BPEL
Popkin Software has expanded its System Architect enterprise architecture and modeling toolset to include greater support for business-oriented process management, the company said at this week's DCI Meta Business Process Management conference in Boston. With the next version of System Architect (Version 10), due in July, the company will include integrated support for the XML-based Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).

Type: XML  #Views: 177  Category: Resource    

Collaborative Classifier from Verity
Many a corporate Web portal has been tripped up by a need to classify content. Over the years, this has stubbornly remained a place where humans outshine machinery. In a new product that takes a new approach to classifying, search specialist Verity Inc. looks to better empower those humans in the organization that are most capable of classifying the content with which they work. It would seem to meet the needs of knowledge workers who say "No taxonomy without representation."

Type: XML  #Views: 153  Category: Resource    

DevTeach2004 : Designing applications with ADO.NET and XML Web Services
These session notes serve primarily to share the content of the session and as a reference for me. They may also provide some value to those interested in the session topics. Some of the information found in these notes may be inaccurate due to my typing errors or a lack of understanding of the subject matter. DevTeach policy is that session material is available online to registered attendees only, so I cannot respond to any requests for session PPTs or source.

Type: XML  #Views: 181  Category: Resource    

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