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An Introduction to the XQuery (and XPath 2.0) Type System: The general concepts
One of the most controversial, and in my opinion most often misunderstood aspect of XQuery 1.0/XPath 2.0 is their relationship to types. Many people seem to understand that the type system is based on the W3C XML Schema language (which is true) and then conclude that it is complex (which is only partially true). Also, too many people mix up the notions of weak, strong, static, and dynamic typing. In this and some following posts, I would like to bring some order into the confusion and explain how the type system in XQuery and XPath 2.0 works. First we will introduce a whole bunch of terms and talk about the general concepts. In subsequent posts I will look at the actual XQuery types and some examples and scenarios for weak, strong, static, and dynamic typing.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 661  Category: Resource    

Database Vendors Agree on XQuery, Tests and Code Coming
Despite disharmony among database vendors over web services workflow (or choreography), they do agree on XQuery, the proposed standard for querying XML data and documents.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 471  Category: Resource    

Early-Release XQuery Tools Could Be Out by Fall
For all the recent disharmony among database providers over the topic of web services workflow (or choreography), there are also signs of database unity on other key fronts. Case in point: The W3C this week should begin reviewing a test suite for XQuery, the web services standard for querying XML data and documents.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 526  Category: Resource    

Migration Guide: From NodeLevelUpdate methods to XQuery Usage
With Tamino 4.1, support for the XQuery language was introduced. XQuery allows one to only update parts of a XML document. In previous versions the same functionality was available by using the IIS filter NodeLevelUpdate.dll (IIS = MS Internet Information Server), at least on the Windows platform.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 296  Category: Resource    

XQuery: A Guided Tour
XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an extremely versatile data format that has been used to represent many different kinds of data, including web pages, web messages, books, business and accounting data, XML representations of relational database tables, programming interfaces, objects, financial transactions, chess games, vector graphics, multimedia presentations, credit applications, system logs, and textual variants in ancient Greek manuscripts.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 460  Category: Resource    

New W3C Working Draft: XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators Version 1.0.
W3C has published a new working draft document which describes constructors, operators, and functions that are used in XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0. The draft "was produced through the efforts of a joint task force of the W3C XML Query Working Group and the W3C XML Schema Working Group and a second joint task force of the W3C XML Query Working Group and the W3C XSL Working Group.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 308  Category: Resource    

Tamino XQuery Functions
The following functions are available only in Tamino XQuery 4. They are bound to the namespace that is usually prefixed by tf.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 323  Category: Resource    

X-Hive/DB 3.0 Technology Preview Adds XQuery, XPath, and DOM Level 3 Support.
A communiqué from Irsan Widarto (X-Hive Corporation) announces the release of a Technology Preview for X-Hive/DB 3.0. The new release adds support for XQuery 1.0, XPath 2.0, DOM Level 3 Load and Save, and DOM Level 3 Abstract Schemas. X-Hive/DB also supports XML 1.0 with Namespaces, DOM Level 2, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XSL-T, XSL-FO, and XUpdate. Using native XML database technology, X-Hive/DB stores XML documents in parsed form, eliminating translations between XML document structure and the database schema.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 295  Category: Resource    

The Concepts of XQuery 4
Tamino XQuery is an implementation of the upcoming W3C standard XQuery, and defines a genuine XML query language with firm ground in existing XML standards. XQuery is a functional, strongly typed language that satisfies the requirements of a database query language in the context of native XML databases much better than a path language such as XPath 1.0. In this document we will introduce the core concepts of XQuery as they are realised in Tamino XQuery.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 287  Category: Resource    

The Nuts and Bolts of XQuery
In this document you will learn about the nuts and bolts of Tamino XQuery. It will pave the way for a solid understanding of the whole language.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 326  Category: Resource    

XML Query Engine Provides Initial XQuery Support.
A posting from Howard Katz (Fatdog Software) announces the Version 0.99 release of 'XML Query Engine' with with early (0.25) W3C XQuery support. "If you want some introductory hands-on exploration of basic XQuery syntax, a free evaluation version of the engine is available. You can now select either XQL or XQuery for your query language front end. This release provides a first cut at a very limited implementation of the full XQuery grammar.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 304  Category: Resource    

W3C XML Query Working Group Releases XQuery Working Draft and Related Documents.
The W3C XML Query Working Group has published an initial public working draft specification for XQuery: A Query Language for XML. XQuery "is designed to be broadly applicable across all types of XML data sources. XQuery is a functional language like OQL in which a query is represented as an expression; it is derived from an XML query language called Quilt, which in turn borrowed features from several other languages.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 271  Category: Resource    

Using XQuery
This page describes how to use Saxon as an XQuery processor, either from the command line, or from the Java API.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 387  Category: Resource    

Welcome to X-Hive's XQuery demo!
The purpose of this on-line demo is to show XQuery running on top of X-Hive/DB. In contrast to some other XQuery implementations that are currently available, this demo works with XML documents stored in a native XML database instead of XML documents stored (as flat files) in the filesystem.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 334  Category: Resource    

Microsoft Releases XQuery Demo
Taking advantage of the latest working draft of the W3C’s XQuery language, Microsoft Corp. is offering a downloadable implementation of the language as a set of classes to be used with the .NET Framework.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 297  Category: Resource    

Microsoft Hosts Online XQuery Prototype Application.
A posting from Michael Rys (Microsoft Program Manager, SQL Server XML Technologies) announces that the XQuery Prototype demonstrated at XML DevCon in New York has been placed online for public use. "The goal of the prototype implementation is to follow the public working drafts of the W3C XML Query working group while trying to avoid 'inside' knowledge about how something is supposed to work.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 271  Category: Resource    

XML Syntax for XQuery 1.0 (XQueryX) Published as W3C Working Draft.
The W3C XML Query Working Group has released a first public working draft specifying an XML syntax for the W3C XML Query language (XQuery). The draft supplies a W3C XML Schema for the XQuery XML Syntax as well as an XML DTD. The working group intends that the XQueryX DTD and XML Schema "will track the XQuery 1.0 syntax and will be changed as often as the XQuery 1.0 syntax is changed in future Working Drafts."

Type: XQuery  #Views: 237  Category: Resource    

W3C Working Draft for XQuery 1.0 Formal Semantics.
A public review W3C Working Draft has been published for XQuery 1.0 Formal Semantics, providing the formal semantics of W3C XQuery as specified in XQuery 1.0: A Query Language for XML. "XQuery is a computer language designed to return information to users or their agents.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 282  Category: Resource    

XML programming with SQL/XML and XQuery
Most business data are stored in relational database systems, and SQL (Structured Query language) is used for data retrieval and manipulation. With XML (Extensible Markup Language) rapidly becoming the defacto standard for retrieving and exchanging data, new functionality is expected from traditional databases. Existing SQL applications will evolve to retrieve relational data as XML data using database or SQL extensions for XML.

Type: XQuery  #Views: 263  Category: Resource    

Oracle XQuery Prototype and Oracle9i Database Release 2 with SQLX and XMLType Support.
communiqué from Steve Muench reports on two XML-related announcements from Oracle. (1) In March 2002, Oracle released a Java XQuery prototype which includes a Java API to XQuery (JXQI) and a command-line interface. This technical preview implementation of the W3C XQuery language with Oracle specific extensions features support "focusing on the 'R' (Relational Data) and the 'XMP' (Experiences and Exemplars) XQuery use cases; it also features an experimental JDBC-style Java API for XQuery as well as a sql() function for using XQuery over SQL query results."

Type: XQuery  #Views: 302  Category: Resource    

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