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The Right Index for the right Job
Along with database design, Indexes are the backbone of optimal database performance. It requires specialist knowledge to ensure that you have the right indexes for the right job and this article will provide you with enough knowledge to make the right choices - and to know when to use an index and when not.

Type: Database  #Views: 534  Category: Article    

Stored Procedures in Access Database
In this tutorial we are going to talk about yet another powerful feature of database programming, Stored Procedures.

Type: Database  #Views: 785  Category: Tutorial    

Introduction to Database Design - Normalisation
In this tutorial, for beginners to database design, Rob Stuttaford writes on how to design databases that are normalised - the process of breaking data down into its most basic components.

Type: Database  #Views: 670  Category: Tutorial    

Ten Tips for Microsoft Access Developers
Learn Access programming tips such as displaying a range of dates in a Calendar control, creating a blinking label prompt for a text box, converting a number from one base to another, and more.

Type: Database  #Views: 757  Category: Tutorial    

Using PHAkT v1.0: Connecting to a MySQL Database using MyODBC
Connecting to a MySQL Database from within UltraDev can be a little daunting, especially if you're new to UltraDev. This tutorial explains how to connect to a MySQL database using MyODBC. Extremely usefull for PHAkt users!

Type: Database  #Views: 425  Category: Tutorial    

Database performance tuning and optimisation
Welcome to an introduction on database performance tuning and optimisation. My previous tutorial, SQL Made Simple, looked at a normalised database, and explored some of the queries we would use to make information from data in its normalised state. Today, we’re going to look at ways to shorten query processing time on this same database.

Type: Database  #Views: 232  Category: Tutorial    

2 Ways of Displaying Data from an SQL Server Database using ASP.NET
In this tutorial we will learn what are the two common ways of displaying data from an SQL Server database using ADO.NET in an ASP.NET page.

Type: Database  #Views: 390  Category: Tutorial    

Database design and optimisation made easy
The tutorial series will look at the different methods of retrieving data, always aware that this is the Web and that speed is of the essence, how to monitor performance of your database and tune it for maximum speed.

Type: Database  #Views: 242  Category: Tutorial    

Nested Query on Parent/Child table
This tutorial shows how to use a nested query on a parent/child table to count the records in that child table and display them togehter with the parent record.

Type: Database  #Views: 309  Category: Tutorial    

Tips & Tricks: A Cross-DB Resource Guide
As part of Integration Developer News reference libraries series for "developers as integrators," we present the latest techniques and resources from leading developers concerned with cross-database integration.

Type: Database  #Views: 151  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Tips & Tricks: Cross Database Resource Guide
Tips & Tricks: Cross Database New methods to exploit features and libraries in JDBC, OBDC, ADOdb, SQL and XML are available to developers for such one-off

Type: Database  #Views: 163  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Tips & Tricks: A Cross-DB Resource Guide
This week, as part of IDN's reference library series for "developers as integrators," IDN presents the latest in a growing list of cross-db methods for JDBC, OBDC, ADOdb, JDO, SQL and XML.

Type: Database  #Views: 154  Category: TipsAndTricks    

DataBase Code Conversion Tool - Tips and Tricks
All you need to do is to paste your code into the top window. Then, depending on how you'd like it changed, choose the appropriate button (OleDb to SQL or SQL to OleDB)...

Type: Database  #Views: 149  Category: TipsAndTricks    

Database Normalization And Design Techniques
Basically, the Rules of Normalization are enforced by eliminating redundancy and inconsistent dependency in your table designs...

Type: Database  #Views: 324  Category: Article    

Introductory Database Theory: Systems And Design
Steve gives us a great explanation of what a database is, the relational database model, metadata and indexes, the database management system and structured query language.

Type: Database  #Views: 220  Category: Article    

Evaluating a Database
Julie has written this article to assist a dba to evaluate their database so that it matches the organisation's needs...The database which you think is best matched with your organization is your..

Type: Database  #Views: 238  Category: Article    

Database Programming With Java + JDBC: Part 1/2
In this article I will introduce you to the JDBC API, showing you how to connect to and work with a database.

Type: Database  #Views: 233  Category: Article    

Introductory Database Theory: Systems And ...
The information that has presented in this article is an extremely basic look at databases. If you'd like to learn how to create databases and use manipulate them, then please take a look at the list of related links and books, which are shown below.

Type: Database  #Views: 235  Category: Article    

Using MyODBC To Access Your MySQL Database Via ASP
MySQL is the most popular open source database system available today, and is currently installed on over two million servers worldwide. In this article Annette takes a look at using the free MyODBC driver to talk to a MySQL database from an ASP script.Active Server Pages are a Microsoft technology that allows developers proficient with either Visual Basic or VBScript to easily adapt their skills and knowledge to the web with very little effort at all. ASP uses ActiveX Data Object (ADO) to connect to several popular database management systems including Microsoft Access and SQL Server, Oracle, dBase and Visual Fox Pro.

Type: Database  #Views: 276  Category: Article    

DatabaseCode - Getting A List of Tables From SQL Server
It is often helpful to be able to query SQL Server to find out the schema for a certain database, including tables, information about columns in a particular table, the text of a stored procedure and so forth. This comes in handy when building applications ...

Type: Database  #Views: 717  Category: Article    

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