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HiT Allora for Windows
HiT Allora for Windows is a high-performance server that allows you to access a relational database and retrieve data as an XML document.

Type: Database  #Views: 164  Category: Tool    

GoXML Registry
GoXML is an integration and transaction processing solution for structured data such as EDI, AL3, HL7, X12, XML, FIX/SWIFT and others.

Type: Database  #Views: 174  Category: Tool    

AND GeoAccess
GeoAccess, AND's XML Web Services solution, combines AND's two global databases Road & Address with additional road data aggregated from data partners, and with AND's complete offering of software component functionalities in a single comprehensive platform. GeoAccess provides system integrators and application developers with a very fast and easy way to incorporate routes, maps, location and proximity searches, and address verification into a variety of mobile solutions such as field management suites, SCM, fleet management etc.

Type: Database  #Views: 254  Category: Tool    

GenX Native XML Content Management
GenX provides implementers access to all the essential functions of a content management system.

Type: Database  #Views: 250  Category: Tool    

dbXML is a Native XML Database. It is capable of storing and indexing collections of XML documents in both native and mapped forms for highly efficient querying, transformation, and retrieval.

Type: Database  #Views: 181  Category: Tool    

Content@XML harnesses the power and flexibility of XML content in a simple yet comprehensive content management and workflow application.

Type: Database  #Views: 139  Category: Tool    

Connect XML-2-DB
Connect XML-2-DB is a database middleware package that provides a powerful, easy and database independent mechanism for transforming and moving data from XML documents to relational databases using simple mapping files.

Type: Database  #Views: 212  Category: Tool    

cmi24 - crossmedia-integrator
cmi24 is a software which was developed especially for the needs of today's publishing industry.

Type: Database  #Views: 203  Category: Tool    

This unique server technology will make transforming, calculating, validating or applying business rules a trivial task.

Type: Database  #Views: 98  Category: Tool    

Birdstep DB
The only small footprint database with native XML support available on the market (less than 50 Kbytes).

Type: Database  #Views: 198  Category: Tool    

B-Bop Xfinity
B-Bop Xfinity is a high-performance, scalable XML data server for managing native XML data and documents

Type: Database  #Views: 192  Category: Tool    

ASP.NET Persistent TreeView + Tools
The AsPTree is an ASP.NET server component that provides efficient access to WEB information through sophisticated tree views that can be displayed on any browser

Type: Database  #Views: 198  Category: Tool    

Ashpool XML Database
Ashpool is a lightweight XML Database written in Java.

Type: Database  #Views: 276  Category: Tool    

antology v3.5
antology is a complete toolset for defining, maintaining, and exploring networks of information

Type: Database  #Views: 220  Category: Tool    

AGiLiENCE XPEERION mobile XML database
XPEERION is an ultrafast, small-footprint XML-cache and processor. It provides users of "sometimes-connected" devices (e.g. mobile desktops, personal digital handhelds, mobile Phones) with compelling performance, flexibility, unique XML-processing power and an extremely small footprint.

Type: Database  #Views: 187  Category: Tool    

ActiveX - Native XML Database Engine / Persistent DOM
The PDom is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) data-framework that simplifies and improves the development of applications by providing a smart interface to the application's data

Type: Database  #Views: 184  Category: Tool    

Introduction to dbXML
In my recent article, Introduction to Native XML Databases, I provided a general overview of native XML databases and what they might be good for. In this article we'll take a look at a native XML database implementation, the open source dbXML Core.

Type: Database  #Views: 309  Category: Article    

The Document is the Database
When you need to store and display a modest amount of structured or semistructured data, it's tempting to store it directly in an HTML file. I've used this strategy many times; undoubtedly you have too. The advantages and disadvantages of working directly with a presentation format are pretty clear. It's handy that the "database" is a self-contained package that can be updated using any text editor, emailed, read directly from a file system, or served by any web server.

Type: Database  #Views: 173  Category: Article    

Apache Xindice
Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a native XML database

Type: Database  #Views: 194  Category: Tool    

XMLPDF Library Overview
The XMLPDF library provides simple server-side XML to PDF translation:

Type: Database  #Views: 228  Category: Resource    

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