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X-Hive/DB - The High Performance Native XML Database
X-Hive/DB a native XML database with support for XQuery, XPath, XPointer, XLink, XUpdate, DOM Level 1,2,3, XSL-T, XSL-FO, Versioning with Branching, Blobs. X-Hive/DB includes a J2EE resource adapter implementation, a WebDAV and FTP server implementation, bridges to any relational database and various XML editors. X-Hive/DB is a scalable and cost effective Native XML database which is easily embedded into an end-user solution.

Type: Database  #Views: 280  Category: Tool    

DbToXML is a great development tool, it can make your business XML-driven in seconds. All you need to do is provide ODBC connection to the existing data sources and DbToXML will do the rest. It will create W3C and BizTalk XML schemas for your database tables, generate examples of XML data. You can start your testing immediately. And most of all it will create XML-ready VB 6.0 COM /.NET objects and java beans to access your database.

Type: Database  #Views: 358  Category: Tool    

DataLive is an intelligent engine that runs on a web server, allowing users to securely view and/or manipulate their relational databases. Any authorized user equipped with a standard web or wireless browser can search, drill-down, insert, update and delete records by sending requests to a dataLive enabled web server.

Type: Database  #Views: 263  Category: Tool    

Designed from the ground up to manage XML, TEXTML Server is aimed at developers of document-centric applications needing to add a native XML repository and powerful search engine to their CMS applications. Through its extensive set of APIs which cover all server-based functionalities, TEXTML Server is truly an invaluable OEM component for your content management application. Solutions developed using TEXTML Server are easy to implement and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Type: Database  #Views: 2097  Category: Tool    

Sunopsis XML driver
Sunopsis™ XML Driver (JDBC™ Edition) is the world’s first type-4 JDBC driver for XML files. With Sunopsis™ XML Driver (JDBC™ Edition), you can query hierarchical and tabular XML documents using standard SQL syntax (select, update, insert, delete, join …). You will also be able to save the changes made for both hierarchical and tabular formatted XML files.

Type: Database  #Views: 1489  Category: Tool    

GoXML™ DB is a native XML database with a high performance query engine. XML documents are stored directly, eliminating the need to decompose data or to configure how data will be stored, such as relational databases can require. A more serious problem with traditional relational databases is that data is stored without context or description and therefore cannot deliver on today’s enterprise e-Business needs. Ready, Set, GoXML!

Type: Database  #Views: 340  Category: Tool    

NeoCore XMS
The ideal, embeddable information management system for all your data, document, and content management needs. NeoCore® XMS leverages the inherent semantic qualities of XML in order to automatically organize itself around any type of content, leaving its original form intact. Being entirely self-constructing, XMS eliminates database programming and design and frees application developers to concentrate all their efforts on application development. Changes are supported seamlessly, requiring no database redesign or re-indexing instructions. XMS is uniquely flexible and can support all types of content - data, office documents, forms, multimedia content, anything expressed in XML – in a unified, fully transactional and access controlled environment. XMS is open standards based (HTTP, XML, XSLT, XPATH, XQUERY, WebDAV), insuring compatibility with all popular development platforms.

Type: Database  #Views: 394  Category: Tool    

TdZ XML Author
TdZ XML Author is an easy-to-use Word plug-in that generates well-formed, valid XML. TdZ XML Author makes it possible for everyone in an organization to create XML documents that can be published on the Internet or intranet, on a WAP device, or to a wide variety of other devices, across different sites and operating systems. TdZ XML Author plugs directly into Word 2000, and is compliant with the XML, XSL, and XSLT 1.0 specifications, with XML namespaces, and entity recognition.

Type: Database  #Views: 550  Category: Tool    

ViaSQL for S/390
ViaSQL lets you easily integrate S/390 data into XML applications. ViaSQL provides SQL to access mainframe data sources like VSAM, IMS, DB2, Datacom, and others, and allows the result sets to be returned in XML format.

Type: Database  #Views: 233  Category: Tool    

The CapeConnect Web Services Platform automatically and dynamically generates Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) eXtensible Markup Language (XML) from any J2EE, EJB, or CORBA component. The generated XML can be exposed as a Web service on the Internet. CapeConnect also enables the resulting Web service to be easily customized and composed with other Web services.

Type: Database  #Views: 525  Category: Tool    

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