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XML Patterns Journey
This page provides an overview of the patterns on this site. It is written in a more informal, narrative fashion then other indexes, to provide a gentler introduction to the patterns. This description of the patterns should give a good idea of how the different patterns relate, and roughly in what order they will be used.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 718  Category: Resource    

The 29 XML Patterns
A very detailed, but easily readible, description of each of the XML design patterns.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 795  Category: Resource    

Design Patterns in XML Applications Part 1
Design patterns are a useful technique for the transmission of knowledge about recurrent problems in software development. Fabio Arciniegas A. investigates their application to XML processing.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 675  Category: Article    

Design Patterns in XML Applications: Part II
In the concluding part of this series, Fabio Arciniegas A. examines the use of XML-specific design patterns in applications and DTD design.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 516  Category: Article
A very interesting approach to designing/developing XML documents. I would say that it is a must-read for any serious XML developer, not to mention a very interesting concept !

Type: Pattern  #Views: 620  Category: Website    

What is a Pattern?
The originator of the pattern, Christopher Alexander, defines a pattern as "a three part rule, which expresses a relation between a certain context, a problem, and a solution" [Alex79].

Type: Pattern  #Views: 513  Category: Resource    

Structural Patterns in XML
Pattern recognition is fundamental to the human intellect. In pursuits as varied as art appreciation, home repair, and software engineering, patterns naturally inform our thinking and help us to mature.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 542  Category: Article    

Content Type Label
Hot off the press: The latest and Greatest Pattern.

Type: Pattern  #Views: 547  Category: Website    

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