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What is... RDF?
RDF is the latest acronym to add to your list, one that is set to gain in significance in the future. At present though it is early days for RDF and little accessible information is available for the interested reader. This short summary will try to outline some key points regarding RDF and point to available further information. What is certain is that this summary will go out of date quickly, RDF is 'work in progress' and is an area which is undergoing rapid development and change.

Type: RDF  #Views: 118  Category: Article    

RDFWeb: Friend of a Friend (FOAF) developer site
Welcome to RDFWeb's 'Friend of a Friend' (FOAF) project developer site. RDFWeb is an experimental linked information system, exploring some interconnected applications of the Semantic Web, beginning with the deployment of FOAF.

Type: RDF  #Views: 149  Category: Resource    

RDF in HTML: Approaches
Since there is no one standardized approach for associating RDF compatible metadata with HTML, and since this is one of the most frequently asked questions on the RDF mailing lists, this document is provided as an outline of some RDF-in-HTML approaches that the author is aware of.

Type: RDF  #Views: 153  Category: Resource    

Why RDF model is different from the XML model
This note is an attempt to answer the question, "Why should I use RDF - why not just XML?". This has been a question which has been around ever since RDF started. At the W3C Query Language workshop, there was a clear difference of view between those who wanted to query documents and those who wanted to extract the "meaning" in some form and query that. This is typical. I wrote this note in a frustrated attempt to explain whatthe RDF model was for those who though in terms of the XML model.

Type: RDF  #Views: 176  Category: Resource    

Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML
This note specifies a Resource Description Framework (RDF) encoding of the vCard profile defined by RFC 2426 and to provide equivalent functionality to its standard format. The motivation is to enable the common and consistent description of persons (using the existing semantics of vCard) and to encode these in RDF/XML.

Type: RDF  #Views: 161  Category: Resource    

This is a draft of an RDF API provided for a public discussion. The API defines interfaces for parsing (org.w3c.rdf.syntax) and accessing RDF models as sets of statements (org.w3c.rdf.model). Default implementations for those interfaces are included in the org.w3c.rdf.implementation package.

Type: RDF  #Views: 151  Category: Resource    

RSS / RDF news-ticker for Windows®
RDF-Ticker is a newsticker application which fetches news from RDF/RSS-feeds and displays them on a ticker-bar. These feeds are based on a special XML-format, which lets client applications show them in any convenient way for the end-user. The application runs as a ticker-bar in MS Windows®, which is by default always visible at the top of your desktop and takes only a small area of your desktop to display. Other applications don't cover it, so you always have the news displayed in the foreground.

Type: RDF  #Views: 339  Category: Tool    

Dave Beckett's Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide
Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a standard for describing resources on the web. This guide contains links to many RDF resources including examples, documents, software, tools and projects that use it.

Type: RDF  #Views: 152  Category: Resource    

RDF Site Summary (RSS) 1.0
RDF Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format. RSS is an XML application, conforms to the W3C's RDF Specification and is extensible via XML-namespace and/or RDF based modularization.

Type: RDF  #Views: 142  Category: Resource    

RDF Tutorial
This document is a presentation of the Resource Description Framework (RDF) recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to model meta-data about the resources of the web. It is described in both documents [1] and [2]; the former focuses on syntactical aspects while the later addresses the definition of vocabularies (often named schemas). Though this is a pragmatic approach, I will use a slightly different plan, more suited to my own goals (using RDF in knowledge representation systems). The first section will describe the RDF model, which is its fundamental syntax. The second section will present the semantic aspects of RDF, the concepts and the corresponding vocabulary. The last section will describe the XML syntax proposed in [1].

Type: RDF  #Views: 342  Category: Tutorial    

Frequently Asked Questions about RDF
RDF--the Resource Description Framework--is a universal format for data on the Web. Using a simple relational model, it allows structured and semi-structured data to be mixed, exported and shared accross different applications. RDF data describe all sorts of things, and where XML schemas just describe documents, RDF and OWL schemas ("ontologies") talk about the actual things. This gives greater re-use. Where XML provides interoperability within one application (e.g. bank statements) using a given schema, RDF provdies interoperability across applications (eg import your bank statements into your calendar).

Type: RDF  #Views: 159  Category: FAQ    

RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)
This document defines an XML syntax for RDF called RDF/XML in terms of Namespaces in XML, the XML Information Set and XML Base. The formal grammar for the syntax is annotated with actions generating triples of the RDF graph as defined in RDF Concepts and Abstract Syntax. The triples are written using the N-Triples RDF graph serializing format which enables more precise recording of the mapping in a machine processable form. The mappings are recorded as tests cases, gathered and published in RDF Test Cases.

Type: RDF  #Views: 167  Category: Resource    

RDF Validation Service
This online service has been updated and now supports the Last Call Working Draft specifications issued by the RDF Core Working Group, including datatypes. Deprecated elements and attributes of the standard RDF Model and Syntax Specification are no longer supported.

Type: RDF  #Views: 117  Category: Resource    

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