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 DOM (17)  SAX (4)  WebService (74)  XPath (19)
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 Java (16)  SQL (2)  XBRL (5)  XSL (90)
 MathML (21)  SQLXML (8)  XForms (2)  XSL-FO (10)
 Oracle (5)  SVG (15)  XHTML (4)  XSQL (7)
 OTA (4)  VoiceXML (19)  XML (510)  XUL (1)
 RDF (7)  WAP (2)

Total Tools: 1,055


xml Tools
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XML Spy 2004 has a structured approach that allows you to quickly view and edit any XML or DTD document

Type: XML  #Views: 180  Category: Tool    

XML QuikBuilder

Dynamic GUI generator based on a W3C XML schema (XSD) and visual editor for creating XML, DTD and CSS documents.

Type: XML  #Views: 232  Category: Tool    

Xyleme Zone Server
"Scalable native XML server built to operate at the center of a content management infrastructure. It is designed to store, classify, index, integrate, query and monitor massive volumes of multi-sourced and multi-format XML content

Type: XML  #Views: 223  Category: Tool    

XpSQL is a multi-functional XML database enviroment using PostgreSQL. The enviroment decompose XML documents into fragments and uses PostgreSQL to store them in a set of relations.

Type: XML  #Views: 243  Category: Tool    

XML Lightweight Extractor
XLE reads relational data from various relational tables that are not stored in XML format and assembles the retrieved data items into XML documents

Type: XML  #Views: 171  Category: Tool    

X-Hive/DB is a powerful native XML database designed for software developers who require advanced XML data processing and storage functionality within their applications

Type: XML  #Views: 142  Category: Tool    

TEXTML Servers

The TEXTML Server is an XML document server whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve large quantities of XML documents

Type: XML  #Views: 228  Category: Tool    

Tamino XML Server 4.1.4
In the newly expanded Version 4.1.4, documents that are not available in XML format can now be indexed as well. Tamino XML Server supports many formats for this, including Microsoft Office, OpenOffice/StarOffice, MP3 files and ZIP archives, and in doing so automatically accepts meta data stored in the files.The latest version of Tamino XML Server includes an option to carry out phonetic document searches as well.

Type: XML  #Views: 203  Category: Tool    

PolarLake Database Integrator
Provides complete integration of XML with relational databases

Type: XML  #Views: 155  Category: Tool    

ODBC2XML is a database publisher that merges data from any ODBC data source into XML documents 

Type: XML  #Views: 247  Category: Tool    

Free XML Starter Kit

The XML Starter Kit includes an evaluation version of the Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 as well as a broad array of information about XML technology, with a comprehensive XML Education Library and a various Web casts covering XML and Web services. The e-Learning Web casts are available online:

Type: XML  #Views: 225  Category: Tool    

Stonebroom.ASP2XML(c) is an interface component designed to make building applications that transport data in XML format much easier. It can be used to automatically pass updates back to the original data source.

Type: XML  #Views: 183  Category: Tool    

This book offers a clear-cut explanation of RELAX NG that enables intermediate and advanced XML developers to focus on XML document structures and content rather than battle the intricacies of yet another convoluted standard

Type: XML  #Views: 131  Category: Tool    

Parsed XML

Parsed XML allows you to use XML objects in the Zope environment. You can create XML documents in Zope and leverage Zope to format, query, and manipulate XML.

Type: XML  #Views: 219  Category: Tool    

MDServlet provides a highly configurable servlet interface for the MDSAX toolkit from

Type: XML  #Views: 193  Category: Tool    


A library of XML tools. A parser that doesn't mind if you throw 2000 lines of (well-formed) XML at it, a builder that invites the coding of GUIs (graphical user interfaces) around it, and an iterator that makes costly recursion unnecessary...

Type: XML  #Views: 228  Category: Tool    

XML-HTML Duel Viewer
XML-HTML Dual Viewer Standard Edition is a package for XML developers to visually format and display XML in their Java applications. Thanks to its scalable architecture...

Type: XML  #Views: 211  Category: Tool    


HaXml is a collection of utilities for using Haskell and XML together. Its basic facilities include:

Type: XML  #Views: 167  Category: Tool    

The easyXML Bean Suite provides the functionality to develop Java applications for processing XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents. It can also be used for adding XML support to existing applications.

Type: XML  #Views: 208  Category: Tool    

DOMC is a light weight C implementation of the DOM as specified in the W3C Document Object Model Level 1 Core, Level 2 Core, and Level 2 Events recommendations. The DOM is a popular API for manipulating XML and HTML documents as a tree of nodes in memory. It is the more sophisticated but more memory constraining alternative to the SAX API.

Type: XML  #Views: 180  Category: Tool    

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