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XML Whiz - an IBM XML Certification test simulator.

XML Whiz is an test simulator for those who are serious about IBM's XML Certification. Certification can be important to help you land a contract in these difficult times and this product can help to get you there. It includes 4 mock tests, an interactive quiz, detailed performance evaluations and more. Definitely worth checking out..

Type: XML  #Views: 239  Category: Tool    

CreateXML is a free utility and proof-of-concept for Liquent Xtent - the first tested solution for enabling XML-based access to information trapped in unstructured documents.  Xtent can convert over 150 file formats to XML, HTML, and SVG. (Plus an enriched XML output available only from Liquent.)

Type: XML  #Views: 350  Category: Tool    

Anastasia is a next-generation SGML/XML publication tool, designed for the publication of large, highly-complex SGML/XML documents and document collections.  It can create output in any format, and it is optimized for HTML output direct to web browsers. A nastasia permits you to publish documents in identical form both on CD-ROM (Macintosh and Windows) and on the internet, from identical scripts

Type: XML  #Views: 190  Category: Tool    

XML Author
XML Author is a Word Processor, which allows you to create structured XML documents, using a familiar Word Processing interface, that requires no knowledge of XML.

Type: XML  #Views: 244  Category: Tool    

XMI Framework
 The XMI Framework is a simple Java API for saving and loading XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) files and creating XMI DTDs. Its purpose is to help you learn XMI. It supports XMI version 1.0 and version 1.1. You can use the framework object model to represent your data and models, or you can use your own classes. You can also generate Java code from framework models and UML XMI files. You can use any XML parser that supports the JAXP 1.0 interface.

Type: XML  #Views: 345  Category: Tool    

 The easy way to translate HTML to XML

HTML2XML™ HTML was so successful that some genius had to make it better. Enter XML, your next major headache. Your web site has thousands of HTML pages and your boss wants you to translate all those pages to XML by yesterday. You could manually translate them and get a major case of repetitive stress injury. Talk about fun. The good news is there is an easier way to accomplish your mission and get your boss off your back. JW's Software Gems has created HTML2XML™. Its a windows based HTML to XML translator. Its user interface is intuitive and most HTML translations can be completed in hours not days. Save your sanity and get HTML2XML™today

Type: XML  #Views: 402  Category: Tool    

 IBX 1.0 is pure Java software that supports Web Services applications in an innovative lightweight architecture.  The software can operate as a container for both client and service code in order to extend application logic for use in new Web Services.  Interbind IBX 1.0 features include:
  • Broad support for open standards such as SOAP and XML Schema ensures that Interbind software will interoperate with a wide array of other software products both now and in the future.
  • Multiple standard communications protocols (including HTTP and Secure Sockets) provide enterprises with optimal flexibility.
  • Use of JMS as a pluggable transport enables easy integration with existing messaging infrastructure.
  • Pure Java implementation runs on a wide variety of computing platforms.
  • Easy Java-to-XML serialization and deserialization dramatically shortens development time and simplifies translation between multiple data formats.
  • Application code can be written in Java or a variety of scripting languages, including JavaScript, VBScript, Python, Tcl and PerlScript.
  • XML configuration files and service descriptors are used for rapid development and ease of administration.

Type: XML  #Views: 271  Category: Tool    

XML Editor 1.0 for Macintosh
 XML Editor is a user friendly XML creator and DTD validator, giving you meaningful messages in plain English that point to the cause of a problem in your XML, if any. XML Editor has extensive support for drag and drop; copy and paste; contextual menus; user made element holders; and more, to make entry of XML easy. XML Editor has integrated source and hierarchical edit modes. It uses entities files, to display characters such as "ä", onscreen, in their native equivilent, allowing for direct entry of European and math symbols, or user defined entities.

Type: XML  #Views: 288  Category: Tool    

XMLCities™, Inc. has developed the first XML solution that substantially eliminates manual tagging for high-volume XML publishing environments, breaking the dependence on outsourced solutions and reducing the reliance on skilled technicians trained in XML for document conversion.

Type: XML  #Views: 229  Category: Tool    

Component-X™ provides an XML- and Java-based Web services platform that allows you to develop and maintain systems quickly, efficiently, and reliably using its graphical interface and drag-and-drop component assembly. It makes it easy to integrate legacy applications; and it supports ebXML, HTTP, Soap, .NET, Corba, J2EE-EJB, MQ-Series, and other technologies.

Type: XML  #Views: 203  Category: Tool    

Whitehill <xml>Transport
Whitehill <xml>Transport is engineered to generate pure, or well formed, XML from any data source.
This is accomplished in two ways. The first is the ability to capture any print stream (ASCII, AFP, Meta Code, DJDE, etc) from any host application and then, using templates created with a rich GUI, transform the relevant data (through a proprietary parsing engine) into XML. The second way is to supplement the data captured in the print stream by "fetching" data from any data base you would like (so long as you can make the DB call through ADO) and converting the fetched data into XML and inserting it into the final XML file.

Type: XML  #Views: 318  Category: Tool    

Unidex: XMLConvert
XML Convert is a Java application that converts legacy data into XML and vice versa. It can also convert a flat file from one format to another. XML Convert handles a wide variety of file formats, including delimited fields and records, CSV, fixed length fields and records, multiple record types, nested groups of records, etc. XML Convert can also handle semi-structured data, such as a human-readable report that contains rows and columns of text. A free evaluation version is available for download.

Type: XML  #Views: 799  Category: Tool    

XML Security Suite
The XML Security Suite provides security features such as digital signature, element-wise encryption, and access control to Internet business-to-business transactions. Update includes an experimental implementation of a proposal of the W3CXML Encryption spec.

Type: XML  #Views: 231  Category: Tool    


X-Navigator is a product that will revolutionize the XML world, with the ability to create a collapsible tree view style navigation interface, dynamically for any document marked up with custom tags.

The power of this product provides the user with the ability to publish documents in the browser with a variety of styles in the shortest possible time.

X-Navigator works to any level required, providing links to all of the relevant information within your documents, in addition to this, the ability to embed hyperlinks to other document locations, this then enables the developer to link to documents wherever they may be located and in any format e.g. PDF, MS Word, MS Excel

Type: XML  #Views: 297  Category: Tool    

XMLwriter is a validating XML editor for Windows that supports XML, XSL, DTD, CSS, HTML and text files. XMLwriter has a comprehensive IDE with features including: Validation of XML documents Transforming XML documents using XSL, and viewing/editing the result User tools to run external apps from within XMLwriter

Type: XML  #Views: 355  Category: Tool    

XML Engine
Parse, render, analyse, create and alter XML. Want to make a Mac app that does any of this with XML? You can make it with REALbasic and XML Engine. XML Engine is powerful and simple. Its Macintosh XML management made easy. XML Engine can do all of the above with HTML also!

Type: XML  #Views: 263  Category: Tool    

Castor is an open source data binding framework for Java[tm]. It's basically the shortest path between Java objects, XML documents, SQL tables and LDAP directories. Castor provides Java to XML binding, Java to SQL/LDAP persistence, and then some more

Type: XML  #Views: 240  Category: Tool    

XML Mate
XMLMate is the only XML utility to feature a user-definable Presentation Engine. Additionally, XMLMate provides a powerful XML Editor, helping developers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies, such as XSL, XPATH and XQL. XMLMate dramatically reduces development time by simplifying XML development processes and the conversion of multiple data sources into XML.

XMLMate enables quick and trouble free conversion of existing data sources into XML, allowing organizations and individuals to become immediately XML enabled, smoothing the path to true e-business readiness. What more could you ask for?

Type: XML  #Views: 277  Category: Tool    

XML Console™ 1.0 enables the centralized batch conversion, validation, and documentation management of XML schemas and instance documents within a workgroup. XML Console will give users customized configurable capabilities for the organization, and subsequent processing of XML schema documentsprocessors, bridging diverse e-business environments

Type: XML  #Views: 296  Category: Tool    

FiveSight: XMLiris
XMLiris is a set of tools and a Java framework for creating custom messaging and integration solutions with an emphasis on manipulating XML. XMLiris is a mature software product, with stability and reliability proven through intensive use in demanding deployments. It is currently in production use at dozens of sites worldwide as a standalone solution, embedded within packaged applications, and as an adjunct to a traditional EAI solution.

Type: XML  #Views: 736  Category: Tool    

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