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Breeze XML Studio
Breeze XML Studio is a visual development environment that generates Java class libraries from XML structure thereby eliminating the need to parse, validate or load XML yourself. It is useful!!

Type: XML  #Views: 252  Category: Tool    

Alpha XML Ver0.1
ADOS system dept. has finished development of the parser that supports DOM Level2 Core which is the core technology to realize XML, and decided to open the source. There are few examples in the world, and it is maybe the first time in Japan opening source free. ADOS will develope to the remaining part of DOM Level2 in succession, and will provide free for users who want to research or develop XML applications.

Type: XML  #Views: 216  Category: Tool    

After all these years, XMetaL® still powers some of the most innovative content management and XML-based authoring solutions in the world. From sales contracts to technical documentation, the process of creating content has the potential to impact revenues, margins and customer satisfaction. The XMetaL product family gives organizations a proven method for transforming, re-using and leveraging content across the enterprise. By creating an ideal environment for open yet structured collaboration, XMetaL helps organizations get to market faster and ensure compliance - all with optimal efficiency and customer relevance.

Type: XML  #Views: 1072  Category: Tool    

XMLBooster: the fastest XML parser generator
Application integration of XML data cannot get any simpler or any faster: instead of dealing with sophisticated api (such as DOM or SAX), use a convenient data structure, generated to suit your specific purpose, in the language of your choice. Supports numerous languages, including C, C++, C#, COBOL, Delphi, Java and Ada. Statically generates application-specific parsers, to be included royalty-free in your application. Generates convenient structural documentation to describe the structure of the XML files or messages your application supports. Supports translators to and from DTD's, and from Schemas. Generates a GUI to edit your specific XML files. This GUI can be integrated in your application.

Type: XML  #Views: 678  Category: Tool    


A technology, not a warrior princess, makes XML easier to use

Type: XML  #Views: 259  Category: Tool    


A Visual XML editor

Type: XML  #Views: 257  Category: Tool    


A non-validating XML processor implemented in the Java language

Type: XML  #Views: 258  Category: Tool    


XML browser written in Java. This browser currently supports XML Linking

Type: XML  #Views: 216  Category: Tool

A great site with many cool tools like XSplit (which HTML files into an XML DTD and XSL style sheet) and COM2XML(which generates XML from COM objects)

Type: XML  #Views: 436  Category: Tool    

A powerful XML content authoring tool for technical authors, marketing personnel and web site developers, which enables organisations to cost-effectively publish and maintain structured information on the Internet, including the support of new e-commerce applications. Evaluation copies available upon request

Type: XML  #Views: 258  Category: Tool    

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