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Set namespace in biztalk map dynamicly: Hello I have a biztalk map in which I would like ...
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CRN Magazine Names Stylus Studio 2007 the Product of the Year: CRN Magazine Names Stylus Studio® 2007 XML Enterpr...
XPATH/XQUERY newbie: generating elements from attribute values, etc.: I want to be capable of traversing and then genera...
RE: XML not well formedi: Thank you so much Gerald!!!I really appreciate you...
RE: Regarding Schema Namespace (): The namespace declaration is necessary. If, as in ...

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      Date              Title          Column#Views
5/10/2005 Serversided or blindsided? Taking a byte out of XML 3735
3/9/2005 The Gilbane Report: XSL-FO Ready For Prime Time? The Publishing Perspective 4902
3/9/2005 How the Javascript Vector Engine Works Taking a byte out of XML 5384
2/25/2005 The X-men Taking a byte out of XML 4105
12/22/2004 How may I serve you? Taking a byte out of XML 4185
12/11/2004 An Xtra look at all things XML Taking a byte out of XML 4355
12/9/2004 Read/Write an Atom and RSS example code Sonu's Playground 7077
12/8/2004 Interacting with the Matrix Taking a byte out of XML 4384
12/7/2004 Is ATOM really better than RSS? Sonu's Playground 4841

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Jon Udell: High-tech PR in the age of blogs, part 4 (Planet Ajaxian )- 2/1/2007 12:00:00 AM
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Richard MacManus: Widgetbox Releases Blidgets (Planet Ajaxian )- 2/1/2007 12:00:00 AM
Tech Crunch: Flixster Closes Very Competitive Financing Round (Planet Ajaxian )- 2/1/2007 12:00:00 AM
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Poll Control for maatechsources
Submitted By: Malinda Ng  Date Added: 11/26/2006 3:48:39 AM  #Views: 1849
I've written a Poll extention for the maatechsources. As an administrator you can add Poll's and provide some answers for the Poll. Check it out:

Forums Application examples
Submitted By: Malinda Ng  Date Added: 11/26/2006 2:49:29 AM  #Views: 1842
Check it out:

Submitted By: Malinda Ng  Date Added: 11/26/2006 2:10:58 AM  #Views: 1822
Check it out:

Showthread.aspx example
Submitted By: Malinda Ng  Date Added: 11/26/2006 1:03:22 AM  #Views: 1673
This is a Showthread.aspx example to go with the Forum Stored Procedures of m-aatechsources. Check it out:

Stored Procedures for Forums
Submitted By: Malinda Ng  Date Added: 11/26/2006 12:38:56 AM  #Views: 1587
These are sample of stored procedure that I created my forum:Discussion board. Check it out:

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New! The Altova MissionKit for XML Developers 2007
The Altova MissionKit 2007 for XML Developers is a comprehensive XML toolset that delivers the highest functionality and the best product value. It includes Altova XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision, plus DiffDog, SchemaAgent, and SemanticWorks. XMLSpy is the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies. It offers the top XML editor, original schema designer, a code generator, file converters, debuggers, profilers, support for XSLT, XQuery, WSDL, SOAP, VS .NET, Eclipse, and more. MapForce is the premier data integration and Web services implementation tool. It maps between any combination of XML, DB, flat file, EDI, and/or Web service then converts data on-the-fly or generates program code for use in data integration or Web services applications. StyleVision is the ultimate visual stylesheet designer for transforming XML and DB content into HTML, PDF, and Word/RTF output and building Authentic electronic forms – all from a single design. It supports XSLT 1.0/2.0, XSL:FO, CSS, JavaScript, and all major DBs. DiffDog is the developer’s dedicated differencing utility. This XML-aware synchronization tool quickly compares files and folders then highlights differences and merges content. SchemaAgent is the compelling new paradigm for modeling and managing XML Schemas in enterprise workgroups. View and manage schema relationships and graphically build complex schemas from distributed schema components. SemanticWorks is the ground-breaking visual RDF/OWL editor for the Semantic Web. Use it to visually design RDF instance documents, RDF Schema vocabularies, and OWL ontologies then output them in RDF/XML or N-triples format. The Altova MissionKit for XML Developers is the most complete and best selling XML toolset on the market and the right choice for organizations standardizing on XML. Try it today.
Total Views:16  Date:1/30/2007  Avg Rating: 0

JavaScript Popup Windows Generation and Testing Tutorials
20 tutorials on different ways to create and test popup windows created in JavaScript including: Creating popup windows on page load or unload events; Creating popup windows on moving mouse over or clicking links; Creating popup windows as modal or modeless dialog boxes; Creating multiple popup windows on timed intervals; Creating customized popup windows; Keeping popup windows re-opening when they closed; Testing JavaScript performances.
Total Views:77  Date:1/18/2007  Avg Rating: 0

MySQL FAQs - Server Daemon mysqld Administration
A collection of 12 FAQs on MySQL server mysqld administration. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on starting and shuting down the server; turning on server log files; viewing binary log files; running server on different port numbers.
Total Views:154  Date:1/3/2007  Avg Rating: 0

XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - Understanding Forms and Input Fields
A collection of 25 FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML forms and input fields. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on forms and input fields: form elements and submission methods; input elements and input types like text, password, radio, checkbox, hidden, submit, file, image, button; dropdown lists and text areas; multiple forms.
Total Views:194  Date:12/26/2006  Avg Rating: 0

oXygen XML Editor adds oNVDL as a free open source project
oNVDL is the oXygen XML Editor NVDL implementation. It was developed on top of Jing to add NVDL support starting from the existing NRL support. It also adds a couple of fixes to Jing related with XML Schema validation. oNVDL is included in the XML editor, but is available also as a separate file download. NVDL stands for Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language and it is Part 4 of ISO/IEC 19757 DSDL (Document Schema Definition Languages). It allows specifying sections of XML documents to be validated against different schemas thus enabling the creation of complex documents containing multiple languages without the need to modify the schemas that define each language to take into account the other languages. It allows also mixing different schema types like XML Schema, Relax NG and Schematron. A typical example is a document that contains XForms content inside XHTML.
Total Views:235  Date:12/20/2006  Avg Rating: 0

Oracle DBA FAQ - Understanding SQL SELECT Query Statements
A collection of 33 FAQs on Oracle SQL SELECT query statements. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on selecting rows and columns from tables and views, sorting and counting query outputs, grouping outputs and applying group functions, joining tables, using subqueries.
Total Views:294  Date:12/11/2006  Avg Rating: 0

How to Make a Free Web Site
How to Make a Free Web Site In the present time the internet craze has swept the nation and these days everything and everyone is online. Everyone having fun on internet and get knowledge from the web site. If you want to know how to make a free web site, the good news is that you've set an easy goal for yourself. Learning how to make a free web site is about more than just getting your web domain for free - you need to know how to put information on that site as well. Many domains offering free web sites also feature free online tutorials that will help you write your web pages. Some sites are so user-friendly; you don't have to write any of your own web code at all! You can select colors and font sizes from the domain's own page editing service. When the domain is willing to write your pages for you, it's very easy to learn how to make a free web site. Once you have decided on the topic of your website, it is time to start writing. The text should flow naturally and be divided into easily read paragraphs. Your first objective is to make sure your visitors can easily navigate your website and quickly access your content. According to the web designer point of view If you try hard enough, you can probably come up with some funky style for a page with for example, a new wacky navigational menu. The problem is that everybody expects to see a web page layout follow certain basic rules; navigation sections have to be arranged in a certain way, links have to look a certain way ... being consistent makes the web site easier for the visitor to use. Your site should have content that changes frequently, encouraging return visitors. And once you know how to make a free web site, you'll have your own space on the Internet that others can visit. It's free, it's easy, and it's your own piece of the World Wide Web. After all, everyone else is on the Internet - why should you be left behind? Sean McGill The author is Business Head for, and is into web-design, development and Search Engine optimization.
Total Views:316  Date:12/5/2006  Avg Rating: 0

RSS FAQs - Introduction to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Basics
A collection of 7 FAQs on RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Clear answers are provided with tutorial samples on introduction to Website syndication technology; RSS and Atom syndication file standards and versions.
Total Views:305  Date:12/2/2006  Avg Rating: 10.00

XML Tutorials - XSD Validation in Java
This tutorial helps you to learn: How to perform XSD validation with XMLReader Java class; How to use SAXParserFactory to load parsers; Sample Java source codes are also provided.
Total Views:536  Date:11/24/2006  Avg Rating: 0

XML Tutorials - XML Path Language (XPath) Introduction
This tutorial helps you to learn: What is XML Path Language (XPath); Data Types, Literals and Variables; Evaluation Context Build-in Functions; Expressions and Location Paths; Using XPath in XSL Templates.
Total Views:458  Date:11/24/2006  Avg Rating: 0

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