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dtd Tools
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DTD Validation and Parsing
Stylus Studio fully supports XML document validation based on Document Type Definitions (DTD) to ensure compatibility with legacy XML systems. DTDs can be internally or externally defined. To validate an XML instance document against a DTD, simply click on the "Validate DTD" button.

Type: DTD  #Views: 3113  Category: Tool    

DTD Generator
Stylus Studio's DTD generator supports the automatic generation and association of both internal and external DTDs based on XML instance documents. A Schema tab at the bottom of the XML editor alows you to view the XML content model associated with the XML document that is current being edited.

Type: DTD  #Views: 2054  Category: Tool    

DTD Editing Tool
Stylus Studio DTD Editor for building Document Type Definitions (DTD) using a tree-like interface.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1784  Category: Tool    

DocBook XML 4.3CR3
DocBook is a DTD maintained by the DocBook Technical Committee of OASIS. It is particularly well suited to books and papers about computer hardware and software (though it is by no means limited to these applications).

Type: DTD  #Views: 1992  Category: Tool    

DTD Parser
This Java library, a standalone version of the DTD parser the author developed for JOX, will parse a Document Type Definition (DTD). It returns a DTD object, which is similar to the Document object in the Document Object Model (DOM). The author solicits any suggestions regarding the data model.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1849  Category: Tool    

DTDGenerator is a program that takes an XML document as input and produces a Document Type Definition (DTD) as output. The aim of the program is to give you a quick start in writing a DTD. The DTD is one of the many possible DTDs to which the input document conforms. Typically you will want to examine the DTD and edit it to describe your intended documents more precisely.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1178  Category: Tool    

DTDDoc - DTD Documentation Tool
This little tool is here to help you to document your DTD's efficiently. It is a straightforward extension of the javadoc concept and a not so straightforward implementation of some of the concepts solidified by a half-God.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1138  Category: Tool    

Quick 2.2, DTD Parser 1.7
Quick, a tool for mapping XML documents to Java and back, and DTDParser, a Java tool for reading in document type definitions, both received updates over the last week.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1003  Category: Tool    

DTD to XML Schema translator - Default branch
DTD to XML Schema translator lets you translate a Document Type Definition into an XML Schema (REC-xmlschema-1-20010502). The translator can map meaningful DTD entities onto XML Schema constructs (simpleType, attributeGroup, group); the XML document model is not anonymized. In addition, the translator can map DTD comments onto XML Schema documentation nodes in various ways.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1130  Category: Tool    

DTD Parser, Version 2.0
The DTD Parser is a set of Java packages for exploring DTDs. For example, it could be used by software that generates a database schema or Java classes from a DTD.

Type: DTD  #Views: 981  Category: Tool    

DTD Parser
The DTD Parser can parse an internal or external subset in the form of a SAX InputSource and build a structure of non-standard objects representing the DTD, which can then be used to explore or modify the DTD. The package can also be used to convert between DTDs and the DDML schema language.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1014  Category: Tool    

HiT Software: XML-RDB Mapping
Allora leverages leading edge XML mapping and database technology to give application developers bi-directional access to relational databases without the need for complex SQL or XSLT programming. Allora speeds development and deployment by accurately and transparently transforming data structures between XML elements/attributes and relational database structures. Once Allora mapping is in place, full bi-directional XML-RDB access is enabled. Allora gives developers a simplified, consistent XML interface to relational data.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1288  Category: Tool    

A Conversion Tool from DTD to XML Schema.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1215  Category: Tool    

NekoDTD is a configuration that parses Document Type Definition (DTD) files and converts the information into an XML document. This representation can then be processed using standard XML processors and applications to perform grammar analysis, convert the DTD into other grammar formats, etc. For example, using an XSLT stylesheet, the XML representation of the DTD can be converted to an equivalent XML Schema or Relax NG grammar.

Type: DTD  #Views: 1095  Category: Tool    

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